How To Boost Your Conversion Rate

How To Boost Your Conversion Rate

Did you know that the average conversion rate is 2.2%? That’s according to the National Retail Federation’s How does your website compare? It might be time to make some site enhancements. Even if your website is on the mark or higher than the national average, taking steps to improve your website conversion rate will do wonders for increasing your bottom line.

Conversion Rate Basics

Before delving deeper into conversion rates, let’s start with some basics.

Definition: A conversion rate measures the number of visitors to your site who completed a transaction. A conversion rate might reflect product sales or lead conversions.

How To Find It: Website tracking tools allow you to collect the necessary data to determine your conversion rate. The following formula is then applied to this data:

Conversion rate = # of sales or leads collected divided by total traffic to site multiplied by 100.

If your site needs a website analytics program, Advia Internet can help with its business strategy services.

What Your Conversion Rate Should Be: That all depends on your business industry. For example, shows a 3% conversion rate as the norm for e-commerce websites. However, that conversion rate percentage increases significantly for other types of websites. An April 2012 Website Optimization Benchmark Survey by research firm MarketingSherpa charts out the average website conversion rates by industry.

5 Ways To Improve Your Website Conversion Rate

If you followed the strategies in previous blog posts for web marketing and offline marketing  and implemented our strategies to build traffic to your site, chances are you’re seeing a steady flow of traffic to your website. Now it’s time to focus on strategies to convert more of those “just visiting” site visitors into “action-takers.” These five website conversion rate strategies are a good start.

1. Improve your checkout procedures if doing e-commerce. Use available technology to enhance the shopper’s experience. Consider using automated tools that recommend products to shoppers or send email marketing messages to shoppers who abandon their shopping carts. Add clearance or sales pages and make your site more international friendly by adding content that caters to non-English speaking visitors. Analyze your visitors’ habits in how they shop your site and make changes accordingly.

2. Revisit Your Call to Action. It could be that your call to action is not clear or obvious in what you want visitors to do. Or its placement could be too far down the page, causing visitors to scroll to find it. Our website tracking tools will determine how visitors interact with your website’s call to action.

3. Don’t Rely Solely On Your Home Page. Thanks to more precise search engine results, web ads, blogs and social media, the home page isn’t the only way visitors land on your website. As a result, you need to have dynamic web pages with relevant content, good navigation and a clearly visible call to action.

4. Evaluate Your Site’s Content. It should be concise, pertinent and well written to establish credibility. Too much content makes your site cluttered and uninviting for visitors to explore. To achieve a happy medium between too much and too little content on a web page, think about the audience your site serves and only provide the information they need to feel comfortable doing business with you. Add a blog to your site to provide additional information.

5. Simplify The Process. Step back and look at your website from a first-timer’s point of view. Is it easy to navigate? Are you having visitors take unnecessary steps, like providing a physical address and phone number for joining an email list or creating an account to place an order? Are your shipping or return policies more complex than they need to be? When you simplify all areas in the process of doing business with you, visitors will be more inclined to do so.

We have numerous solutions that will increase your website conversion rate. To get started, contact Advia Internet and we will evaluate your current website analytics program and offer recommendations and strategies that will bring immediate results to your site’s conversion rate.

By Barbara Holcombe, Project Manager