Google Tools - The Essentials To A Successful Website

Google Tools – The Essentials To A Successful Website

Don’t you just love free stuff? Especially free items that help you make money! That’s exactly what the free tools offered by Google do. These tools help your website get noticed and analyze the performance of your site.

Although these Google tools are available to all, there’s one small caveat: you have to create a Google account to use them. But it’s a small inconvenience when you consider the huge advantages these tools deliver. Here are some of our favorites:

Google Trends Gives You The Scoop Of What’s Popular

As you know, keywords are essential for attracting traffic to your website. Google Trends is a great real-time tool (data is updated hourly according to Google) for researching the best keywords that are relevant to your business. It shows which keywords or phrases are used most often in Google search inquiries so you can capitalize on this popularity within your own site. You can also determine hot topics in the news or social media and time a PPC campaign around it. We’ll show you how with our paid search marketing services

For instance, in the above example, a photography studio can use Google Trends to acquire knowledge about:

1. The most used keyword inquiries pertaining to photography so these keywords can be incorporated into the photography studio’s home page, landing pages, or blog, or added as a separate web page dedicated to the keyword topic.

2. The peak times when people are looking for photographers so Web marketing efforts can be timed accordingly to drive traffic to the website.

3. Specific areas where photography interest is greater, which can be more narrowly focused to actual cities in the U.S. to expand the market reach of the business.

With Google Trends, you can also follow trends, see how people are searching for information, view historical data for a keyword or phrase to see how its popularity has changed over time, compare multiple keywords in a side-by-side comparison over a specific time period and test out new keywords.

Google Analytics Reveal Real-Time Site Performance

Google Analytics is a features-rich tracking tool that provides real-time stats about your website. Advia Internet will set your site up with the necessary coding that tracks user behavior on your website. Then, you can access Google Analytics and its various reports about your website traffic and visitor interaction with your site.

Some of the invaluable information Google Analytics provides include:

  • How visitors arrived at your site
  • Which web pages your visitors viewed while on your site and how long they stayed on each page
  • The number of new and returning visitors
  • Sales and conversion rates

We also use more in-depth analytics on your website to help plan your business strategy and evaluate different aspects of the marketing strategies used to promote your website.

Feed Burner takes the chore out of distributing your website’s blog. Just like news feeds, you provide a feed of content which is then retrieved by those interested in viewing it. Plus, FeedBurner automatically sends emails each time you make updates to your blog and makes it easy for social media shares.

With the FeedBurner tool, you can produce a feed of your web articles, photos, or audio or video content. If you don’t have a blog on your website, contact us for this must-have component to a successful website.

FeedBurner is a free Google service that also includes several good tools for promoting your feed. Check out the email subscription widget that can be added to your blog and the FeedBurner interface where you can track the number of people following your blog.

If you decide to use FeedBurner, get in touch with Advia Internet and we’ll make sure it works in tandem with your SEO efforts.

As you can see, Google is much more than a popular search engine. It also develops online tools that help businesses grow and succeed in cyberspace. And our web design and development services will make sure your website is set up to take advantage of all the free tools Google offers.

By Barbara Holcombe, Project Manager