Getting to know Catherine

With twenty years professional experience in technology and design, Catherine makes the unlikeliest of partnerships successful. As a Designer and Art Director at a large advertising agency, Catherine saw an opportunity to develop more successful and creative work if only the “art-people” and the “technical-people” could learn to work together.

Understanding at an early age that “form follows function,” Catherine began pursuing technology to really drive her fine sense of aesthetics. Over time, she stepped out of the creative-only roles in favor of increasingly technical ones. As Director of Technology for a turnkey marketing organization, she developed custom applications that were deployed across many business verticals vs. creating one-off, one-time-only solutions. Catherine’s philosophy is if you communicate and educate the “art-people” to what is technically possible, it will drive superior creative results.

As her career path evolved, Catherine pursued a dream of creating a team of technical people specifically to support and power creative organizations, working collaboratively to develop amazing work. That dream has come to life as the Mad Science Department.