Behind the Scenes-How to use the Dynamic Widget Plugin

Using the dynamic widget plugin on your wordpress site makes showing a widget only on a certain page and different widgets on different pages very easy.
On your dashboard, go to Plugins → add new. Search for the Dynamic Widget Plugin. Install and activate your plugin.

Next go to Appearance → Widgets and add a widget to the sidebar.

Your new widget (or any other widgets that were already created and put in a sidebar) are now able to be DYNAMIC!

When you open your widget, you will now see words Dynamic Widget at the very bottom and the default setting of STATIC.

If you click on the word static, you can change all that!
First, click the quick setting on the top: “Set all options to No”. This stops the widget from showing anywhere in your WordPress.

Now go to the “Pages” setting and tick the checkbox of the desired page where the widget should appear. Save it and you’re done.

The widget will now only appear on the pages you ticked:)