Announcing The 2013 Website Design Trends

Announcing The 2013 Website Design Trends

In the fashion world, the trends for 2013 may be bold stripes, rounded shoulders and statement sunglasses, but in the web design industry, 2013 is all about big pictures, responsive design and clean websites. Advia Internet has identified the top 10 website design trends for 2013. Take a look at what’s in store, and then get in touch with us  for a redesign that will give your website a refreshing and trendy look for the new year.

1. Big Photos as Backgrounds

Designed as an attention-getter, website designers are using oversized photos as the website’s background and blending them seamlessly into the layout. The design technique is also used as a unique marketing strategy to build brand awareness around the photo.

2. Big Buttons

In response to the touch and tap technology on mobile devices and computers, web designers are upping the size of website buttons and making them work creatively within the design layout. The challenge for designers, though, is to figure out how to quicken the response time of websites with these graphically-enhanced buttons.

responsive3. Responsive Design

While not a new concept, we’ll be seeing lots of changes with responsive layouts to complement all types of digital media and technology, such as Apple’s retina display. Initially, responsive websites were designed to accommodate smartphones and tablets, but now web designers are working on uniform coding so websites perform in any operating system environment, with any type browser, on whatever digital device the future may bring. The challenge is to create a single web canvas where layouts and their various elements look great on any screen size.

4. Movie Screen Visuals

In 2013, we’ll be seeing website designs imitating camera movements or designed in more of a cinematic, storytelling style, with videos taking up the entire screen accompanied by minimal text. The design style provides more interaction for visitors as they scroll through the journey that awaits within the web pages.

5. Clean & White

Although minimalism and white space have been part of a web designer’s creative process for years, 2013 will bring more white or empty space around large type, headings and between paragraphs to create a cleaner looking site that encourages visitors to spend more time reading its content.

6. Infinite Scrolling

We’re predicting that infinite scroll loading goes mainstream in 2013. While the web design technique has been around for a few years, it hasn’t been used to its potential on websites. But if your website has a search function, this loading technique will enhance the visitor’s search experience because the search results page continually loads as long as the visitor continues scrolling down.

7. Built-In QR Codes

The use of quick response or QR codes is growing by leap and bounds. Up until now, they’ve mainly been used on printed materials, but this year, expect to see digital QR codes built right into the design of a website.

8. Toggle Navigation Menus

Toggle navigation is an exciting alternative to static navigation menus that limit the creativity of your web design. With it, certain navigational menus and links that guide visitors around the site can remain hidden until needed. Toggle navigation menus provide web designers with lots of variety and flexibility, since they can be created in just about any form. Among our favorite toggle navigation menu designs are menus that push content over from the right or left, scrolling menu bars, elements as menus and links that slide down from the top.

9. More Box Shadow Techniques

Expect to see more box shadows, a trend that emerged in 2012 and will continue in 2013 with new box shadow techniques, particularly box shadows embedded with other web design elements. This design technique, which combines shadows and lighting, brings amazing visual appeal to a website by adding depth and dimension.

circle10. Circular Designs

Web design is going round in 2013 as web designers use the clean, neat look of circles to build patterns within a layout design or create page elements within circular designs. The unique look of circles opens up numerous opportunities for marketing. For example, you can use a circular element to announce a promotion or to encourage a click through to another page on your website.

Refresh Your Website

If your website hasn’t been updated in awhile, let 2013 be the year it gets a new look and design. With our web design and development services, we stay mindful to your brand and marketing strategies while creating a fresh design unique to your company. Contact us today and find out what our creative web design team can do for your existing website or in creating a brand new site.

By , Project Manager