3 Ways To Build Traffic To Your Website

3 Ways To Build Traffic To Your Website

If you’ve followed our strategies for spreading the word about your website , you probably have a nice flow of traffic coming to it. Now it’s time to implement strategies that will continue to build traffic to your website. Our marketing gurus recommend three ways to increase traffic to your site. Best of all, all three are free!

1. Content Marketing

Content marketing is a means of getting traffic to your website through its web pages not its home page. Web analyses have shown that although a home page is important for branding purposes, the majority of visitors come into a website by landing on its other pages because the content within those pages match their search.

As such, content marketing is about providing information (not a sales pitch) that is valuable to people so they are encouraged to click-through to your website. The goal of content marketing is to build customer loyalty by first gaining the trust of online consumers so they will feel secure in doing business with you.

The key to building site traffic through content marketing is providing interesting, informative, relevant and quality content that people want to read and delivering that content in the most commonly used places they would search for it.

The most successful content marketing strategy features a mix of different tactics that encompass:

  • Social Media Marketing, including articles, videos, social networking sites, newsletters and infographics.
  • Online Marketing, such as webinars, press release, white papers, eBooks, how-to or help guides and case studies.
  • Direct Contact, including telephone marketing, in-person appearances, demos and testimonials.

2. Become A Helpful Resource

The majority of people who conduct an online search are looking for specific information on a topic or help with solving a problem. You want your website to be that helpful resource, while at the same time carrying out its main goal, whether it’s selling products or services, or recruiting members for an association or nonprofit.

Your web pages are the key to building website traffic. The information within your site can be used to attract visitors and once there, they will likely peruse the rest of your website and even make a purchase, submit a form, join your e-newsletter, or whatever call to action your site seeks.

Here are some tips for making your website a helpful resource:

  • Evaluate the content within your web pages. Is it of value to people?
  • Research the common problems or questions that customers are seeking answers to relative to the industry pertaining to your website and create a list of them.
  • Using this list, add content to your website to address the problems or frequently asked questions. You can choose to have these web pages in the Resource section of your website or link to the page from corresponding text already on your website. The Advia Internet web design and development team can assist you with adding new site pages or linking content.

3. Regularly Add Fresh Content

Search engines love websites that frequently update their content. The reward is a higher ranking than sites that are stagnant. One way to add fresh content regularly is through a blog on your website. A blog is a good way to address current industry information or trends pertaining to your business, or for going more in-depth about frequently asked questions from your customers.

Twice a week, or more if you have staff members or interns who can assist you with writing the articles, add a new posting to your blog. Just remember to provide useful information to customers to drive traffic to your website.

When it comes to building traffic for your website, simply follow the advice given in the movie, Field of Dreams: “If You Build It, He Will Come.” If you build up the content of your website to fulfill a desire for information, visitors will come, too.

By Barbara Holcombe, Project Manager